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16 Channel Logging Unit

The complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other values.

Single-channel to sixteen-channel data loggers are designed for recording of values from transducers measuring temperature, humidity, voltage, frequency and pressure, alarm state indication, and process control.
This information is logged in the unit memory and as it has an IP address, information can be viewed directly over your LAN.
  • Food and beverages industry (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (GMP)
  • Blood stations, pharmacies
  • Horticulture and cultivation of plants
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling
  • Building and energy management
  • Building automation
  • Research and development
  • Laboratories (GLP)

Eliminate the time taken to manually record, monitor and file temperature records for HACCP. 
480,000 readings logged in 16 channels. 5 sec to 1 hour intervals.

Protect perishable stock and equipment. Text message alarms of out of range settings sent to key personnel.
Up to 4 numbers with varying urgency. You set your limits with easy to use software.

Remote access to live information via your mobile phone.
Simply text "info" to the gsm modem number.

Constant power supply monitoring and UPS module.
We let you know if your power supply has failed and continue monitoring temperatures.

Reduce power consumed for refrigeration and building air-conditioning.
Monitor unnecessary use of equipment, defrost cycles etc.

Monitor cold/freezer room door openings with notification if door remains open excessively.

Data automatically downloaded to PC for back-up storage and graphical analysis.

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