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For Product Temperature and Location Simultaneously.

"Traceability is now Optimised"

  • Totally independent operation. Temperature monitored from all equipment types.
  • Retrieving temperature data could not be easier. Avoids the necessity of having to physically visit and download data from each vehicle.
  • Create temperature reports for date ranges both web interface or PC software.
  • Data send automatically and continuously using "always on GPRS technology".
  • Temperature is immediately captured on every delivery.
  • The Black Box GPS tracking sysytem allows you to instantly establish your vehicles exact location.
  • Monitor your vehicle(s) usage. The system reports on after-hours use, speeding and distances travelled.
  • View fleet locations at an instant. Mapping supplied has detailed coverage for all of western Europe.
  • Dedicated software provides the user with enhanced facilities, such as the customer name being allocated to a GPS position, and a choice of mapping to provide street level viewing.
  • A Black Box installed, includes an antenna for GPS and GSM; an electronic temperature monitor; GPS satellite receiver and GSM modem.

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