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Ice-Cube Insulated Panel systems.


Lightweight construction for higher payloads and better fuel efficiency

Smooth GRP finish for easier cleaning and brighter finish

Polyurethane foam composite providing the highest level of thermal
efficiency available


 Seamless GRP interior
 Easy Clean - Pressure Washable
 Polyurethane Insulation for optimum thermal efficiency
 Lightweight conversions for maximum payload
 Strenghtened corner joints for durability
 Contoured panels for maximum volume
 One piece hygenic door skins
 Recessed interior lights
 Any van converted


 Chill or freezer specifications
 Modular doors
 Slab doors
 Pallet doors
 Recesssed refrigeration units
 Pallet protection
 Plastic Curtain(Side and/or Rear)

Click below for images of  installed ICE-CUBE insulations.

Image 1: View from side-door
Image 2: Backdoor view 1
Image 3: Backdoor view 2

Additional images of available extras to complement your ICE-CUBE installation:

Checker Plate

Rear door seals

Side Door Seals


Blue Floor Lining

Removable Curtains

Smooth Lining

Smooth Lining 2

Moulded Door

Customised Shelving

Customised Shelving 2


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