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Cold. Rain. Driving snow. In conditions like these the atmosphere in the driving cabs of many vehicles leaves a lot to be desired. Iced up windows when you start off, cold and damp that penetrate insidiously during waiting periods and breaks. This damages the health and efficiency of drivers of trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural and forestry machines and buses.

Coldchain can supply the right Eberspaecher heater for every vehicle.

Independent heating for vehicle cabs, work cabs and freight compartments.

Eberspaecher gives you: 

         a comfort heater with fully automatic control

       a technically perfect heater offering maximum control and reliability

       an economic heater with excellent value for money


Insist on first class advantages:

       850 to 35,000 W heating capacity.

For cars, vans or trucks, buses, construction or agricultural machinery,

motor-homes or yachts. Let Coldchain supply a heater to fit your needs.

       Heaters for cabs or freight compartments.

       Petrol or Diesel.

The vehicles fuel determines the choice.

       Air or water heater.

Both have advantages depending on the intending use.

       Simple operation.

Make life easier with everything you need, from a timer to a remote control.

       With a technology that has constantly proven itself.  

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